CVInsight for Hemodialysis

Each year, in the US alone, more than 400,000 people with kidney failure undergo more than 650 million dialysis treatments. While these treatments are life-saving, they create great stress on the cardiovascular system. More dialysis patients die from cardiovascular issues than their underlying kidney disease. And cardiovascular stress events are the number one cause of hospitalization and readmission.

For the most part, clinicians have had to rely on blood pressure and patient symptoms to identify patient dialysis stress. But these tend to alert to problems when the patient is already struggling with treatment.

The InteloMed CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System is designed to provide information on individual patient dialysis tolerance. It displays real-time pulse-beat by pulse-beat information that empowers the clinical staff to quickly identify patient-specific physiologic stress and intervene to prevent serious adverse events and to manage fluid removal.

Hemodialysis is the initial CVInsight® commercial market, targeted because of physician enthusiasm for a solution to help alert to patient decompensation. The “Contact” (Forehead Sensor) CVInsight® product is currently used in this market since it is an FDA-cleared device.

CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System demonstration video

Note: Video demonstrates use of the FDA-cleared Contact Sensor in a dialysis session.