CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System


The CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System provides clinicians with real-time, dynamic and actionable information about a patient’s cardiovascular stability.

The CVInsight® Monitoring System captures a patient’s pulse waveform and processes this signal through proprietary algorithms. The result is a multi-parameter, global assessment of the patient’s cardiovascular status in daily life and/or in response to treatment, illness or trauma and, most importantly, a critical warning for the possible need for intervention.

This pulse waveform can be captured in at least two different ways: a non-invasive forehead sensor and a non-contact approach through a specific facial recognition program and phone app. The “Contact” approach is FDA-cleared with demonstrated value in clinical studies and clinical use. The “Non-contact” monitoring is in FDA pre-submission.

The InteloMed offering genuinely individualizes medicine since it reads not only absolute information but also reads changes versus the patient’s own baseline rather than population-driven metrics. The proprietary InteloMed algorithms include 16 measures and indices, and has viability across multiple sites of care.