The CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System utilizes the photoplethysmograph’s rich composite of physiologic data and, through proprietary, patented algorithms, converts that data into actionable information. This helps clinicians make more informed decisions.

Hemodynamic instability, reduced organ perfusion and alterations in tissue microcirculation are ultimately manifested by cardiovascular changes. These changes are captured and displayed by the CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System and, more significantly, are identified early.

The CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System consists of a reflective pulse oximeter forehead sensor, a pulse oximeter, and a medical grade tablet computer. The optical sensor is placed on the patient’s forehead, and collects continuous physiological data from the arterial pulse waveform signal. This data is then processed through proprietary algorithms to derive multiple parameters which represent changes from the patient’s own baseline at the start of treatment. Currently, the system alarms to pulse rate and SpO2, and alerts on an Event Screen any changes in pulse rate, pulse strength, pulse irregularity and cyclic SpO2 variability.

In aggregate, this information provides a more complete picture of the patient’s current cardiovascular status and enables the clinician to assess how the cardiovascular system adapts to various stressors in real-time and over time.