How It Works


The CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System is an FDA-cleared device that provides clinicians with real-time, dynamic and actionable information about a patient’s cardiovascular stability. Using a non-invasive sensor, The CVInsight®  Monitoring System captures a patient’s pulse wave and processes this signal through proprietary algorithms. The result is a multi-parameter, global assessment of the patient’s cardiovascular response to a stress due to:

  • treatment (e.g. hemodialysis),
  • illness (e.g. heart failure), or
  • trauma (e.g. critical care).

This information is presented bedside and in real-time to provide a pre-symptomatic window that promotes earlier, proactive interventions to reduce cardiac stress and improve short- and long-term patient outcomes. The power and potential of The CVInsight® Patient Monitoring System is its ability to transcend indications and conditions, ultimately serving as a platform technology.

The CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System provides physician-set alerts related to the following parameters: pulse rate, SpO2, pulse signal strength, pulse irregularity. The CVInsight® Monitoring System measures, displays and stores trended pulse rate, trended pulse strength, , cyclic SpO2 variability, pulse irregularity, trended SpO2, event history and pulse waveform.   The clinician should evaluate the alarm and underlying medical condition of the patient to determine the clinical significance, if any, of the alarm.


InteloMed’s development efforts have focused on exploiting the photoplethysmograph’s rich composite of physiologic information to create a portfolio of tools that characterize the body’s compensatory mechanisms to stress.  Hemodynamic instability, reduced organ perfusion and alterations in tissue microcirculation are manifested by cardiovascular changes that are captured and displayed by InteloMed’s device, The CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System .  More significantly, The CVInsight® Patient Monitoring System identifies this stress and dysfunction at earlier stages than current tools or monitoring of patient symptoms permit.

The The CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System consists of a reflective pulse oximeter forehead sensor, a pulse oximeter, and a medical grade tablet computer.  The optical sensor is placed on the patient’s forehead, and collects continuous physiological data from the arterial pulse waveform signal.  This data is then processed through proprietary algorithms to derive multiple parameters which represent changes in the pulse rate and pulse strength from a starting baseline.   The CVInsight® Monitoring System also displays trended measures of pulse rate and SpO2 over time.   In aggregate, this information provides a more complete picture of the patient’s current cardiovascular status and enables the clinician to assess how the cardiovascular system adapts to various stressors in real-time and over time.

CVInsight Platform

Reflectance Sensor


Pulse Oximeter



The CVInsight Platform includes a reusable reflective pulse oximeter sensor, which is placed on the patient’s forehead using a single-use adhesive sensor holder.  The sensor is connected by a cable to a pulse oximeter.  The pulse oximeter transmits data wirelessly via Bluetooth to a medical grade tablet computer.  A wired pulse oximeter can be used interchangeably if cable connectivity is desired, rather than Bluetooth.  CVInsight software on the tablet extracts pulse ox and pulse waveform data and derives IP-protected, novel measures of a patient’s changing cardiovascular stability.